You could make a pretty good argument that the media was soft on Mitt Romney. In fact, I may do that here soon. In the meantime there is this excellent piece by Matt Tiabbi.

Right or wrong it’s all over now. Or is it?

You’d have to be some kind of left-wing conspiracy nut to think the slew of “what-happened” writing over Romney’s complete failure to win a universally-acknowleged “for the GOP’s taking” election was somehow biased toward Romney. But it still IS.

The simple truth is the press is ignoring the most basic reality of the election: the results.

What I mean by this is there is no way the results we saw in Wednesday’s election (GOP House re-elected, Democrats picking up some new Senate seats, Obama winning) are possible without millions of GOP “split ticket” ballots. It is that simple: had everyone who voted mostly Republican NOT rejected the top of the ticket, Romney would have won.

The demographics shifted, the GOP message needs to be re-evalutated, the list of “reasons” continues to fill the airways. But the real reason is not being discussed: millions of Americans voted Republican for everything BUT the presidency (and rejected bad choices for the Senate.) Not just millions: a majority. To quote Bill Clinton, it is arithmetic.

The American electorate didn’t reject GOP ideals or reject the GOP because it was less old, male & white. For some reason (subject for another blog), most Americans actually WANTED to vote GOP but rejected Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan’s ugly and small campaign. The math is simple … split decision = split tickets.

So of course there isn’t a single national news outlet talking about this:

Is the press still soft on Romney? You be the judge.

Paul Ryan handily recaptured his Wisconsin seat in Congress, but was rejected by his home state on the presidential ticket. These were not Democratic voters, these were Republicans who couldn’t stomach Romney/Ryan. The same thing was repeated on a national scale, so let’s be very clear:

Obama would have lost the election if GOP voters hadn’t voted FOR him: GOP party-line voters switched, and switched millions of times.

The fact is that Romney could have won if he hadn’t run such a sloppy, cynical and mendacious campaign. The voters rejected Romney and Ryan, Not the GOP. Consider this anecdotal evidence from the North Carolina News Observer:

Larry Harrington Jr. owns a restaurant called Larry’s Southern Kitchen in Garner. Harrington, who is African American, said the economy has taken a toll on his business, and that weighed heavily on his mind as he considered who to support for president. He ended up voting Democrat at the top of the ticket, but he broke with the party in a couple down-ballot races and said he’s still unsure whether Obama can lead economic recovery better than Mitt Romney.

“It really felt like a toss-up,” Harrington said. “I think Obama deserves a chance, but maybe Romney does too. I just went with my gut feeling.”

(my emphasis)

Will this story get mentioned in the media? Stay tuned…