Two screeen shots from this morning:

I probably wouldn’t have noticed this without the help of @NYTJim’s twitter feed (Jim Roberts is an assistant managing editor of The New York Times), since I had earlier posted a link to this story with a self-satisfied sneer at the MSM for getting it wrong:

Suddenly this popped up on my feed:

Of course I went back to the story to revel in my satisfaction that ONLY the Times had got this right. Imagine my surprise to find the exact opposite was true. What was the editor talking about?

Then I noticed the timestamps hadn’t changed.

I’m going to back-date this post (to same time as their original post, see date on RSS feed only…) to show how easy manipulating this can be — did the New York Times falsify its post to cover its ass?

Obviously I can’t say with any certainty … unlike the MSM, we’ll have to wait for confirmation. So far, @NYTJim isn’t replying to my tweets!

More as the story develops…