A recent South Park Episode titled “You’re Getting Old” skews parents who think their kid’s music “sounds like crap.” At one point Stan’s mom declares “it’s hardly even MUSIC.”


Well, as most New Yorkers already know, The New York Post is hardly even a newspaper.

The Post has gone out of it’s way to vilify and “expose” the Occupy Wall Street movement to its right-wing base. Typical in its coverage are stories like this one exposing the supposed contradictions and ironies of the existence of less-than-poor OWS protestors. The “gotchya” moment in this one is when an ambused supporter reveals:

“Tents are not for me,” he confessed, when confronted in the sleek black lobby of the Washington Street hotel where sources described him as a “repeat” guest…

It’s pretty basic stuff: we found the trust-fund baby “spoiled” protester in the midst of the great unwashed. Gotchya!

CAUGHT! Rich OWS protestor declares tents are not his thing!

The irony doesn’t stop there.

The real trust fund kid is the paper itself. For at least ten years, the typo-ridden truth-challenged Post has run up undisclosed losses, estimated by some industry insiders as as much as 30 million annually. The “sugar daddy” of The Post is, of course, right-wing media mogul Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch hopes that one day his beloved Post will leave the nest and become the free-market entity it’s editorial pages love so much:

“We love the Post, but it’s not a hobby,” he says. “We very much care that it make money one day, and that it become as great a business as it is a newspaper.”

(my emphasis)

So, in essence, The New York Post is really a socialist rag — something that wouldn’t even exist without millions in subsidies from its own personal Daddy Warbucks. The free-market capitalism it extolls would have put it out of business years ago, and anyone who has seen it knows how much below the standards of ANY of its competitors it really is. It is, truly, hardly even a newspaper.

But don’t let The Post’s status as the ultimate trust-fund baby slow you down — they are still very busy throwing delicious right-wing chum into the water for it’s ravenous readers. Here’s a yummy morsel from just yesterday!

This stub of an article is essentially a slight re-writing of the exhibit’s own press release. Here’s the whole thing:

It’s political dis-scent: An olfactory artist has transported the stench of Occupy Wall Street from Zuccotti Park to a Staten Island art gallery.

“The Smell of a Critical Moment,” which opened yesterday at Doorways on Van Duzer Street, features 99 T-shirts that protesters wore for a week straight, without washing them.

Artist Gayil Nalls distributed new white tees to OWSers and on Jan. 12 collected the body-odor-drenched shirts to capture the revolution’s essence.

The park’s putrid smell became a major health concern before police raided the encampment in November.

(my emphasis)

Of course missing from the article is the inconvenient fact that the exhibit is pro-OWS:


Naturally the author is smart enough to know none of her readers will ever see the show or even Google it to find out more. Any more than any of them will know or care about the fact that The Post could never survive in the free market championed on its own pages. Truth clearly isn’t the point here. The “putrid smell” of the park is a fiction as much as it being “a major health concern.” Gayil Nalls effort to “commemorate” OWS becomes an attempt to “capture its essence,” and none of The Post’s readers are curious enough to wonder if this is, in fact, what the artist intends.

The Post has no Art section per se, and only covers exhibits that reinforce its reader’s prejudices. Staten Island is hardly Chelsea (or even DUMBO), but this obscure “pop-up” gallery show deserves mention simply because it is an opportunity to smear “anti-capitalist” demonstrators.

Of course the HUGE irony is The Post couldn’t hold its own in a real free market. I’m sure that is why it “stinks” so much.