I make no excuses for my own views here.

Personally, I cannot see how any sane person can think Michele Bachmann is a viable presidential candidate, but — that is my opinion. But what I find truly bothersome is the way the MSM has underreported on something that should be a deal-breaker for 80% of the population. In fact, it should be a deal-breaker for the Republican party … but it isn’t for some reason.

Imagine if Barack Obama was found to be receiving federal tax money for a universally debunked (or at least ridiculed) business idea, one that he personally owned, that had religious ideas connected to it. OK, it’s hard to come up with an example that fits, but let’s say it was a research center on the afterlife focused on cryogenics staffed by Scientologists. His re-election campaign would be over, wouldn’t it?

Is Bachmann involved in something this ridiculous? You betchya.

Michelle Bachmann owns, with her husband, a therapy center that focuses on a so-called Christian approach. One thing they offer (and haven’t removed from their offerings) is a controversial “gay cure.” You read that correctly … they will help you “pray away the gay;” a completely debunked (not to mention offensive) attempt to “re-orient” gay individuals to become straight. By making them play football and stuff like that. Really.

The frosting on this cake of total wrongness? Medicaid is paying for it. That would be the same Medicaid Bachmann rails against … paying for her and her husband’s wacky endeavor to “un-gay” you.

Why hasn’t this woman been laughed off the national stage yet?

The media has reported on it, but her current stance is to say she won’t discuss such “trivial” matters. Her belief system, businesses, and use of your tax dollars is trivial? The media has, so far, just said “OK.”

This outrage should be enough hypocrisy and right-wing fringe-yness to cost her any chance of being taken seriously.

In a sane world, at least.