What? Blogging 101 is start with a catchy title.

You’d think that if you were running a group of blogs promoting the meme that the left was using Gabriel Gifford’s shooting to enforce a PC “speech code,” you’d be smart enough to refrain from doing the EXACT same thing. But then again, I did say “smart enough.”

Andrew Breitbart’s delusionally titled Big Journalism sees no contradictions here.

Consider this article. The hyperbolic, victimized rhetoric is obvious enough. Just in case you mistook this for actual responsible journalism the author erases all doubt here:

This seems eerily similar to Southern intimidation and oppression of blacks during attempts to desegregate. It’s reminiscent of a scene from Forrest Gump, where a young black girl is harassed by a young white student and knocks her books out of her hands. (my emphasis)

Yes, Bristol Palin having her appearance cancelled is the same thing as institutionalized bigotry! Got it.

It’s all pretty standard issue, at least for BJ.

This isn’t what this piece is about, though. It’s about another article, this one about Michael Moore being treated, well, as poorly as black people were before desegregation, too. This article is almost 7 years old, but yet I couldn’t leave a link to it in the comments:

… nope, that one dissappeared, maybe I’ll try again:

Damn, that one went away too. Let me try a different approach:

WOW! POOF! It vanished mere seconds after I posted it! Never underestimate the right’s appetite for hypocrisy!

Don’t get high on your own supply, kids.

Try this experiment yourself! Post the link to BJ’s article and see how long it takes before YOURS disappears. Sloppy, BJ. Very sloppy BJ.


PS. Also note the OTHER comments by me, including links, that were allowed to stay up. It seems that ONLY the Michael Moore link is too rich for this poor guy’s blood. Using it as a reply to “Boycotts and shutdowns are liberal things. We conservatives just choose not to attend,” for example, is verboten!