UPDATED 2/4/11 12:33 PM
Looks like I’m not the only person with this opinion. This article in The Atlantic has nice links to The Village Voice, Fast Company, and Politico articles about this…

The Daily, Rupert Murdoch’s new venture into iPad-only right-wing media, is only two days old. But it’s already living up to its self-proclaimed standard of a “new kind” of journalism. Because let’s face it: a traditional media outlet would never TOUCH this.

Lovingly slugged “news-gabby-ipad-1” by iPad salesjournalist Elizabeth Saab (say hi!), the piece would be the worst kind of fluff-product-placement-ad-masquerading-as-a-news-item even if had involved a less-disabled celebrity or politician. But Gabrielle Giffords? This is a new low.

The video will give you a little insight into just how classless this is:

But make sure you check out the story as well.

From the “clever” headline to the cover treatment that makes you think you are going to read something human, it’s hard to imagine that what’s coming is being told it’s “worth investing in” an iPad by America’s favorite maimed Congresswoman:

But that is precisely what this dreck delivers. And let’s be real: who would look at the story if it was honestly headlined? You need only see the first sentence to understand:

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is doing “rigorous” speech therapy every day and her recovery is progressing — and her days also have included use of her favorite gadget: the iPad. (my emphasis)

The concept of journalistic ethics does seem quaint here – obvious corporate interests mean shameless product plugs framed as a news stories; lack of heart makes respecting a woman who could not even protest her use as spokeswoman here not even a thought. Perhaps this is the future.

Hopefully the traditional media has the balls to call out Murdoch and The Daily on this one. I’m not holding my breath.