Remember when John McCain stood on the Senate floor and declared that repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was a bad idea because:

You go up to Bethesda, Marines are up there with no legs, none. You’ve got Marines at Walter Reed with no limbs.”

No? Know why? The press scrubbed it!

I know, it sounds paranoid, but it happens to be true. I’ll give you the proof next.

But first, let’s see what was said in context and some of the reaction:


I knew about this shameful demagoguery moments after it happened, through the miracle of twitter. Dan Choi had a visceral reaction:

Yet the press edited the comments to make them seem less crazy! The lede in nearly all reports was that McCain had said “Today is a very sad day.” Which of course, he did. But then he said the shameful nonsense that SHOULD be his legacy on DADT, if the press had actually done its job. The New York Times sanitized the comments here.

I figured this was perhaps temporary (awaiting the hard-hitting editorials to come), and not just lazy or squeamish reporting.

But as the week went on (McCain spoke on Saturday afternoon, it is now the following Friday), I noticed that Googling “no legs” or “no limbs” followed by “McCain” showed no News results. How could this be? Sure, left-leaning blogs had picked it up but NO mainstream news outlets had quoted him. There had to be some mistake.

But there wasn’t.

I searched The New York Times site for the same words. No matches. CNN, none. Fox News, no stories. It was just gone.

What should be John McCain’s legacy on DADT — the same man who now “regrets” having voted against the Martin Luther King Day holiday — was dutifully removed from the public record from a press that is too frightened to appear “liberal.”

Don’t believe me? Try it at home. I defy anyone to find a mainstream outlet (even a blog of a mainstream outlet) that quoted this part of the speech. It doesn’t exist. I can think of a lot of reasons for this — just not any good ones.

If for some reason enough people read this and some articles come out, note that they are dated after this post. But I am not holding my breath. This is the media landscape today – where it used to be “all the news that’s fit to print,” it’s now “let’s not make John McCain look too bad.” To me this is incredibly sad. Is it to anyone else?