Todd Starnes is a sensitive guy.

I mean, it’s how he makes his living. As Fox New’s point person for all things “War On Christmas”, his battered heart delivers the sad news of anti-Christian outrages like this on a daily basis.

And while the indignity of someone wishing him “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” shakes him to the core, calls to see the president of the United States assassinated by terrorists— well, not so much.

But first, some context. Take this article for example. An objective reading of the supposed outrage would lead a sane person to the conclusions that 1) This was meant as a joke (in bad taste, but nonetheless, a joke) and 2) The “getting rid of” part can just as easily refer to Palin being out of the public eye as it could her being killed. But, no matter… someone wants Palin dead and it is OUTRAGEOUS that Salon would leave up such a comment!! The right enjoys manufacturing outrage, as Mr. Starnes’ constant stream of “news” regarding town councils moving mangers and re-naming parades proves all too well.

But what happens when the shoe is on the other foot? Consider this message Starnes recieved on twitter in response to his snarky tweet “Breaking: Muslim arrested in Baltimore – wanted to blow something up.“:

Now, Mr. Starnes isn’t responsible for this and received about 10 other replies to his tweet. So to be helpful, I let him know, and asked him if he would do the right thing and confront this person on why this isn’t OK. Well, he didn’t respond to me either, so maybe he just misses those “at” replies.

Except that he did reply to me... in a way. He blocked me.

Rather than take on the responsibility of educating a follower, he shoots the messenger.

By blocking me for bringing it up, he confirms that he saw my response to him and the other person’s tweet, and his RESPONSE is to not be bothered by the whole thing, or me … presumably so he can stay focused on being bothered by high school kids having their candy-cane rights taken away.

Is this isolated? Of course not. Our Big Journalism stink over the Palin “murder” outrage won’t be sidetracked by things like this at all:

WOW. You must write a blog then about this Fox News contributor’s failure to find this call for Obama to be blown up by a terrorist offensive enough to respond to. Same guy who gets made when they call Xmas trees “holiday” trees. Oh and the tweet is still up:!/ConservaTaint/status/154713…

(my comment)

OUTRAGEOUS! It is STILL THERE. No one has commented, EVEN when I commented that no one has commented!!!

Why is Big Journalism “condoning” the murder of a president? And why is Todd Starnes looking the other way when a follower wishes the president will be blown up by terrorists?

Your double standard is showing, guys. Big time.